Award Winning M.y.lab Wood Workshop

Fan Jiujiang Discloses The M.y.lab Wood Workshop

Fan Jiujiang , the architect of the highlighted work Wood Workshop by Fan Jiujiang says, The M.Y.Lab Wood Workshop is located on the first floor of a warehouse, which used to be the Dongfeng Sofa Factory in Changning District, Shanghai. Adjacent to t <Cropped>

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New Wardrobe Doors

Tomasella and Desall Invite You to Design a New Collection of Doors, Sliding and Hinged Doors, For a Series of Composable Wardrobe Systems Currently Featuring Their Wardrobe Doors New Product Design Contest On Tomasella and Desa

Tomasella and desall invite you to design a new collection of doors, sliding and hinged doors, for a series of composable wardrobe systems currently featuring their catalogue.New wardrobe doors new product design contest on tomasella and <Cropped>

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We Set Sail by Chris Slabber

Chris Slabber Spotlights The We Set Sail Album Art

Chris Slabber, the creator of the displayed design Chris Slabber's We Set Sail Album Art demonstrates, In today's society people's spirits are constantly suppressed by all the rules in order for the modern world to function. We Set Sai <Cropped>

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Redouble Fish by Gino Chen and Congee Huang

Gino Chen and Congee Huang Presents The Redouble Fish Branding

Gino Chen and Congee Huang, the lead designer of the awarded work Branding by Gino Chen and Congee Huang points out, Redouble Fish is the product of a new national fashion combining Chinese traditional art with contemporary cultural exchanges. Design <Cropped>

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New Material From Arundo Donax by Carlos Lozano

Carlos Lozano Creates The New Material From Arundo Donax New Material From Arundo Donax

Carlos Lozano , the creative mind behind the awarded project New material from Arundo Donax:New material from Arundo Donax by Carlos Lozano spells out, Experimentation and development to create a new material or a new entity of material from the plan <Cropped>

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Photographs by Makiko Taguchi

Makiko Taguchi Portrays The Shining Passion Photographs

Makiko Taguchi, the creator of the highlighted work Photographs by Makiko Taguchi explicates, This shot Japanese fireworks' sparks remain in the night sky.It isn't always the same shape, depending on the wind on the day of launch.Firework <Cropped>

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Exhibition Visual by Yongan Zhou

Yongan Zhou Designs The Artistry Master Exhibition Exhibition Visual

Yongan Zhou, the lead designer of the highlighted design Exhibition Visual by Yongan Zhou illustrates, The exhibition is a fashion design exhibition organized by the China International Fashion Week in 2015. Art, in the words can be both skills, an <Cropped>

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Residential House by Chao Wang

Chao Wang Shows The Jinke Jiuqu River Residential House

Chao Wang, the lead designer of the highlighted design Residential House:JINKE JiuQu River by Chao Wang spells out, The Jiuqu River (French) uses the French adornment element in its ever corner of the space with the fancy decoration in its detail, wh <Cropped>

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Yicca 2020-International Contest of Contemporary Art

Yicca Contest Is a Huge Chance For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Prize and Have The Opportunity to Exhibit The Submitted Works in An Art Gallery in Milan.the Competition’s Aim Is to Promote The Enrolled Artists, Giving Them Chance to Join The Intern

Yicca contest is a huge chance for the artists, which can win a cash prize and have the opportunity to exhibit the submitted works in an art gallery in milan.The competition’s aim is to promote the enrolled artists, giving them chance to join the i <Cropped>

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Lounge Chair:bessa by Simon Reynaud

Simon Reynaud Designs The Bessa Lounge Chair

Simon Reynaud, the architect of the awarded work Lounge chair:Bessa by Simon Reynaud explicates, Designed for lounge areas of hotels, resorts and private residences, the Bessa lounge chair harmonizes with the modern interior design projects. It' <Cropped>

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