Memo Pad Set:seasonal Colors by Katsumi Tamura

Katsumi Tamura Designs The Seasonal Colors Memo Pad Set

Katsumi Tamura, the thinktank behind the awarded project Katsumi Tamura's Seasonal Colors Memo pad set explains, The Seasonal Colors is a set of memo pads in four colors inspired by cherry, olive, ginkgo, and maple leaves. Both the cover and the <Cropped>

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Kenan Derya Sargin's Olympos Elevating Dishwasher

Kenan Derya Sargin Shows The Olympos Elevating Dishwasher

Kenan Derya Sargin, the author of the displayed work Olympos by Kenan Derya Sargin illustrates, Olympus is inspired by the difficulties peoples face in every day life. Using a dishwasher, a simple daily activity, becomes a painful exercise with the a <Cropped>

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Architecture Design by Mei-Lin Hsu

Mei-Lin Hsu Designs The Square Architecture Design

Mei-Lin Hsu, the creator of the highlighted design Architecture Design by Mei-Lin Hsu says, White facade of the building inspired and present the concept of "tea trees organism". The ground floor expresses the “tree roots” for tea displ <Cropped>

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Vadim Kibardin 's The Only Digital Clock

Vadim Kibardin Illustrates The The Only Digital Clock

Vadim Kibardin , the architect of the award winning design Award Winning The Only Digital Clock points out, The clock was designed as a modern three dimensional interpretation of a traditional analog wall clock with the clean style - there’s nothi <Cropped>

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Restaurant by Blenheim Design Ltd

Blenheim Design Ltd Creates The Anzu Restaurant Restaurant

Blenheim Design Ltd, the maker of the displayed project Blenheim Design Ltd's Anzu Restaurant Restaurant says, Anzu is situated in the St James's Market area of London. The restaurant is over two levels with dining on the ground floor, whe <Cropped>

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Residence by Ming-Chuan Tai

Ming-Chuan Tai Creates The The Order in Heterogeneity Residence

Ming-Chuan Tai, the architect of the award winning work The Order in Heterogeneity - Residence by Ming-Chuan Tai demonstrates, The indoor space, integrated with the styles of Zen, neo classic, and modernism, perfectly creates consistency from diverse <Cropped>

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Usb Flash Drive :frohne Eclip by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Frohne Eclip Usb Flash Drive

The author of the award winning design Award Winning Frohne eClip USB flash drive says, eClip is the world's first paper clip USB flash drive with a metric ruler. eClip was honored an IDA & Golden A' Design Award. eClip is lightweight, <Cropped>

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Website by Ruth Chao

Ruth Chao Demonstrates The The Pavilia Bay Website

Ruth Chao, the creator of the award winning work Ruth Chao's The Pavilia Bay Website explains, To emulate the voyage of The Pavilia Bay, the website was created on a serene blue canvas to capture the essence of a broadening horizon. Navigation w <Cropped>

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Sh House by Paulo Martins

Paulo Martins Designs The Sh House Residential

Paulo Martins, the thinktank behind the award winning design Residential:SH House by Paulo Martins says, Maintaining the primitive outline, the design of the existing building changed through the usage of weathering steel on the windows voids. Giving <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Bench:trio Bench by Yazan Hijazin

Yazan Hijazin Shows The Trio Bench Multifunctional Bench

Yazan Hijazin, the author of the displayed work TRIO BENCH - Multifunctional Bench by Yazan Hijazin says, Trio Bench is a geometrical bench made of walnut wood, fabric, and leather that seats up to 4 persons. However, by adjusting 2 upholstered pie <Cropped>

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